Why say that you’re a Satanist?

Femme Diabolique

Why tell people that you are a Satanist? Why not pretend to be something else? Why say it at all? Why not keep it to yourself? You know that people will judge you. People would think you were nice if they didn’t know you were a Satanist…

These are the kinds of things that are said to me all the time. In this post I want to try and answer them.

I am starting my university studies in a new home in a new city. I am properly living on my own for the first time. I have my own apartment. I can live by my own rules. I can be who I want to be. I want to be as fully and honestly myself as I can be. Within my philosophy, that is important. It’s a kind of personal honesty.

If you have not read this or any of…

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Our Satanic Tattoos

Well a year has passed and all three of us have a bit more ink now. In fact Léonie (referred to as Tina in the article) has a lot more ink and is rapidly catching us up… In many ways…

Devil's Advocates

I suppose this post is vain, but that is ok, we are Satanists after all!

Apart from being Satanists, another thing our family share is a tattoo fetish. Cassie and I became addicted to ink in our teens. At first our tattoos were small and discrete. After university we both had “respectable” teaching jobs and as this was about twenty years ago when tattoos were not quite so common and popular as they are now, we felt obliged not to get inked anywhere that was too obvious. By the time we met however we felt confident enough in our respective jobs that we encouraged each other to be ever more daring in our inkwork. The result is that by now there is no disguising the fact that we are heavily inked women and when we spot some virgin skin on ourselves we immediately plan how to cover it in ink!…

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Me dire sataniste, quel intérêt ?

Here a fellow Satanist has quoted us and it makes for interesting reading and an insight into alternative perspectives and adaptations of Saranism.

Chroniques Sataniques

L’homme a besoin de rituels et de dogmes, mais aucune loi ne certifie qu’un Dieu externalisé est nécessaire pour prendre part à des rituels et des cérémonies célébrées au nom d’un dieu ! Se peut-il que lorsqu’il comble le gouffre entre lui et son “Dieu”, il voie le démon de l’orgueil s’avancer ver lui en rampant – l’incarnation même de Lucifer apparaissant en son coeur ? Il ne peut pas plus longtemps se voir divisé en deux parties, le charnel et le spirituel, mais les voit fusionner, et alors, en cette horreur abyssale, il découvre que seule la chair existe – ET QU’IL EN FUT TOUJOURS AINSI ! Alors, soit il se déteste à mort, jour après jour, soit il se réjouit d’être ce qu’il est.

(…) S’il s’accepte tel qu’en lui-même, mais reconnait que le rituel et la cérémonie sont les stratagèmes majeurs que ses religions inventées ont utilisés…

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The Universe and The Satanic Mind

We have received some criticism lately for writing more about the hedonistic and darker aspects of our beliefs. It is true that we have given those things more prominence recently. We are hedonists. Our left hand spiritual path is dark by many people’s standards. We are not ashamed of those things, we embrace them. And our next post will be more in that nature. But for balance we want to highlight other important aspects of our beliefs here; science, education and learning. The Satanic Mind is an inquiring mind, hungry for knowledge of all kinds and always eager to learn more. We have huge respect for science and the scientific method. We are skeptics. We think all things should be tested and nothing should be taken as true based on faith or superstition alone. We frequently test ourselves and our own beliefs.

Some people seem to believe that a life without faith and based as exclusively as possible on reason, is a life without awe or wonder. Such people could not be more wrong. Such people don’t seem to have much imagination. Such people don’t seem to think much at all.

For us it is impossible to walk under a clear night sky without being filled with awe and wonder. It’s equally impossible for our minds not to fill with questions. “Why is it all there? Why are we here? How do we relate to the rest of the universe? Is there perhaps even more than our universe?

Our heroes are the men and women of science who have examined these questions in detail and who have utilized their human brain-power to come up with answers. Of course many answers are not yet complete, but rather than inserting God into all remaining questions, these are people who are brave enough to build on their own knowledge and the knowledge of other scientists and keep asking pertinent questions.

And so we do know some important things. We know many of the fundamental particles that the energy and substance of the universe are made of. We have been able to calculate how old our universe is. We can speculate intelligently about the maths and the forces that brought our universe into existence. We can understand the possibilities of multiple universes and other dimensions. We don’t need a bearded old man sitting in judgement on a cloud to fill in the missing gaps for us as long as we surrender our ability to think to him. We can think and do it for ourselves.

There are still mysteries. There are still possibilities of civilizations and forces greater than ourselves. But the Judao-Christian idea of a judgmental God is surely long out of date. It is counter-productive at a time when we should be taking control of and responsibility for our own agency. The God of Christianity, Islam and Judaism has become nothing more than a figurehead for reactionary humans who want to impose their will and their values on everybody else. Satan is the enemy of that kind of thinking and behaving.

Hard scientific work, thought, study and experimentation has helped us to see and understand the universe more clearly. We need to respect that. We need to value learning and invest in serious education. “Creationism” should never be given the same credibility as serious science. Schools should furnish young minds with the tools to discover and understand the world and the universe they live in. Creationism should be consigned to social history, as footnote about the superstitions some people used to believe before we knew any better. We need to raise a well educated, open minded, scientific generation who are not easily swayed by reactionaries and populists who never add anything to the world except ignorance, division and bigotry.

And while we may allow ourselves to enjoy the hedonistic pleasures that come from spurning the social conditioning of false religions, our aim and our mission is always primarily to learn and to grow and reach our full potential as individuals and as a species.

Views and perspectives on Satanism

I’m having a kind of holiday or time out between finishing school in Switzerland and starting university in Austria. It is giving me a chance to think more deeply about my beliefs and has also forced me to confront some of the prejudices and false ideas people still have about Satanism.

I made a decision to be “out” as a Satanist by the time I start uni. While at school I kept very quiet about it for the good of myself and my family, to avoid the misunderstandings and prejudices we have to put up with. But it shouldn’t have to be that way… I am not ashamed of being a Satanist and I guess I am beginning to understand more fully why my mother and Cassie thought it was important to be out and let people see we are normal people. But that is not what people think, and recently I realised we only have to admit to one little thing which goes against the norm for people to assume that is proof that we are evil or we have lost our minds!

I suppose it is understandable that most people assume Satanists are bad, depraved people because that is all they ever hear about. And then if they discover we really do have some different morals and values on things like sex they automatically believe we will do anything else they think is wrong like sacrificing animals.

Is it so hard for people to think a little bit out of the box, to see life as a spectrum and not just in black and white?

My mother and Cassie sometimes have sex with other people. My boyfriend and I sometimes have sex with other people. Shock! Horror! But is this really enough to assume that any of us would mistreat animals or children? Satanists are not the only ones who have alternative values when it comes to sex and relationships. And we don’t have priests who molest little boys!

I base my moral values on the Satanic Statements you can find on another page here at Satanic Muses. I am happy to explain or answer any questions people have about them. But what I will say is I would never be deliberately cruel or hurtful to any person who didn’t deserve it (and they’d have to do something really awful to provoke my revenge). I would never harm any animal for pleasure or for ritual purposes. In fact I am studying veterinary medicine and animal conservation in order to help and protect as many animals as possible. I would never hurt a child… Obviously! I would never commit a terrorist crime. I would never murder anybody except perhaps in self defence. I am pretty unlikely to steal things. I already do a lot of voluntary and charity work for animal protection and refugee rights; more than a lot of Christians do I think! So does the fact that I’m a bit hedonistic and have a very slightly unconventional love life negate all these things?

I mention these things because I have indeed been taking a few virginal steps out into the world as a Satanist and I have already been confronted by all these prejudices. But in fairness I have discovered that it is not only non-Satanists whose views and perspectives are fixed and bigoted; some Satanists are as well!

I am a member of a LaVeyan, Atheistic coven which matches my scientific view of things. To them all references to Satan are symbolic and psychological. Satan represents opposition to dominating Christian views and morality and also represents our inner self, the God we can become. But I was raised in a family of Theistic Satanists who believe that Satan is a real thing, an outside force that we can communicate and align ourselves with. (But they don’t see Satan at all in the same way Christians do, he isn’t some evil force but a force for personal change and development… For good really…). And I am in the middle. My scientific brain likes the atheistic and psychological view of Satan. But I know that seeing Satan as an actual “thing” has been very beneficial to my mother and Cassie and I have had some experiences myself of Satan as something outside me, which it seems insulting to deny.

But I have already had some conversations with people on both sides of the divide which have ended with people insulting me. And I haven’t mentioned all the other streams and versions of Satanism which exist! In a short time I have recognized that Satanists can be more cruel and brutal to each other than people of other religions are to us! This is a shame and I don’t think it should be this way. I am honest enough to admit that I am not sure about some things and I refuse to be bullied into one side or the other. I think the people who seem to be the most sure of one thing or the other and who don’t tolerate people with other views have stopped growing or learning.

What I am still sure of however is that Satanism is the right path for me, and I will keep going and keep asking questions and keep on annoying people who think they already know it all! And I will be doing that openly from now on because I think people need to see that most of us are reasonable and intelligent people even if we choose a different lifestyle and have some different moral values. Some of us are actually quite nice!

I will continue to make general posts about Satanism here at Satanic Muses but I will also be writing my own blog about life at university for somebody who just happens to be a Satanist. (You can find links to Femme Diabolique somewhere on this page).

See you in either of those places,


Welcome to our naughty world…

This is a new project by us. Erotic articles, views and stories for grown ups written by us. Adults only. NSFW

The Horned Ladies


Cassie and I have been blogging for many years. Often times we come back to the theme of sex but have to censor ourselves because that is not the main theme of any of our other blogs and we didn’t want to detract from the other things we wanted to say. Yet, in some ways sex is very central to our lifestyle. We are a “lesbian” couple. I put lesbian in inverted brackets because we are not typical nor exclusively lesbian in our sexual tastes and adventures. We love each other and we live together and make a lot of love together, but we are both bisexual and enjoy sharing our beds with men from time to time. Over the past couple of years we have become swingers. There are a small group of people we meet at parties and via our other interests whom we have sex with fairly…

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Rediscovering Satan

Originally published by Cassie on Devil’s Advocates.

We were apparently thrown out of a beautiful garden because we questioned authority and chose to think for ourselves and listen to a voice the authority disapproved of. We were then condemned to walk through history feeling eternally ashamed of ourselves. But then the authority told us that if we owned our shame and accepted that we were worthless we could be forgiven and spend an eternity in paradise worshiping the authority who condemned us.

That is the Christian narrative but it is repeated in many forms in many other religions and philosophies. It is the stuff of dystopian science fiction novels. And within that narrative is also the prescription for every kind of brainwashing technique that has ever been used. “You are bad and useless as you are, but submit your will and your agency to us and we will protect and save you.” (Drugs may add to the power of the message).

But subverting these psychological mind control programs there is often a ghost in the machine. There is a voice saying, “This is not right. This is not how it has to be.” The authority machine is aware of this glitch in the program but can’t get rid of it. Instead it tries to associate the glitch with all that is bad and frightening. The voice is evil. Listening to the voice is evil.

The voice is known to some of us as Satan. By listening to that voice rather than the authority that wants our unquestioning obedience, we are breaking the taboo and so we must be described as evil as well.

The writers of this blog do not believe in the literal truth of the Christian creation myth or any other creation myth. We believe in science and the big bang. A few centuries ago that in itself would be enough to have us branded as heretics and possibly put to death. However, we do believe that in the pre-scientific myths and philosophies about the creation and the nature of the universe, there are hints at the truth. We believe in something similar to Jung’s collective consciousness; that as parts of the universe, we are born with a primeval instinct about who and what we are and where we came from. It is a truth that is glimpsed in shadows, dreams and stories. A truth, the authority doesn’t want us to realize. It is a truth the authority brands as evil and dangerous and so forbids us to know or search for. A truth hidden in the darkness.

We are creatures of the darkness. We are seekers in the forbidden territories. We are breakers of taboos. We are Satanists.

And what of that voice that whispers to us in the darkness? The one who calls us to self discovery and full self awareness? The antagonist and the questioner; the rebel and the ghost in the machine? The Satan?

He can be glimpsed in the most ancient religions known to humanity, often portrayed as an aspect of nature or possessing the guile or form of various animals. Indeed, in earliest times a primal force of nature, neither good nor bad, simply a force to be reckoned with. As communities became more organised and civilized so religious ideas became more complicated and sophisticated. In ancient Egypt there was Set, often depicted as a barely recognizable animal, but seen as powerful and clever; a God it was wise to have on your side. But as Set was seen as a God of foreigners and Egypt suffered several invasions he began to be portrayed more negatively. And as powerful leaders rose up in later Egyptian epochs who sought to unify their subjects under one power and one religion, Set was cast in the role of the evil one and other myths and traditions about him were lost. Meanwhile Het-Hert, the much loved Egyptian Goddess of love, sex and motherhood was probably the archetype of the Golden Calf, and The Whore of Babylon, despised by the followers of Yahweh. Possibly she was also seen in dark form as Lilith in Hebrew tradition.

Meanwhile in the Hindu traditions of India and The East, there was Kali. Kali is the goddess (or Devi) of death, time, and doomsday and is often associated with sexuality and violence but is also considered a strong mother-figure and symbolic of motherly-love. Kali also embodies shakti – feminine energy, creativity and fertility. While neither Indian nor Egyptian traditions were as strictly dualistic between good and evil as modern western religion tends to be, it does seem that Kali is increasingly portrayed as evil when seen from a western perspective.

In Europe there were many pagan traditions and personifications of God that pre-dated and then conflicted with Christianity. One of the best known from Greek and Roman times was Dionysus. Essentially a god of good times and hedonism, god of the vine, grape harvest, wine, ritual madness, religious ecstasy, and theater. But as these things were later viewed as dangerous and seditious by the more and more dominant and all conquering Christian authorities, later manifestations of Dionysus; the Horned God and the Green Man, were accused of being evil wherever they dared to show their horns, and went into hiding. But in fact they were only ever evil in so far as they and their followers did not submit to the authority of The Church.

Stories and myths, just stories and myths… Yet the truth lurks here waiting to be rediscovered by those brave and insightful enough to break the chains of conformity.

Myths are explanations fit for their time. Today the truth might seem more reasonable if found in a particle accelerator and described in the language of quantum mechanics. But it is still possible to seek the truth and broaden your horizons by strength of will alone.

Satan is the voice that calls you to find yourself and reach your full potential. It may be your own voice, the echo of a primeval truth glimpsed in thoughts and dreams.

There is nothing good or noble about ignorance posing as innocence. We were not meant to stay in the garden living as gullible children forever. We were meant to grow up. We were meant to explore. We were meant to experience. We were meant to learn and grow. We were meant to be all we can be and recognize our own power and creativity.

We were meant to reach for the stars.

Hail Satan! Hail ourselves!